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Heads or Tails?

For Sowelu fans to join.

『Heads or Tails?』 Sowelu fan community.
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Welcome! ♡

To HEADS OR TAILS?, a fan community made for J-pop artist, Sowelu. If you are a fan of Sowelu (or at least just her music), please feel free to join this community and promote it as well. This community is owned and moderated by Bea.

Rules! ♥

1) Minimize Introductory posts. This means don't give too much details. We don't need to know what your favourite colour is, or whatnot. ^^;;

2) Friends-lock download posts. No, this rule is NOT TO BE SELFISH, but it prevents leechers and us getting in trouble with record companies.

3) Requesting is allowed. There is no limit, but please use You Send It or Rapidshare for uploading. Using webservers such as owned domains is fine, but the domain MUST be owned by you.

4) No sharing of media outside community. Unless you ask permission. We'd like to know where the downloads go, you know!! ;_; And if you're taking a download, do comment or say thank you. :)

5) Respect opinions. NO LJ DRAMA, PLZ. Sowelu haters can also join, but no troll accounts. Just use your main journal, because whatever they say, you HAVE to respect it.

Read to join? Go for it! →

Disclaimer! ♡

Sowelu / 原田亜希 are not affiliated with this community in any way possible. This is just a fan community made out of sheer boredom and love for Sowelu. :) If you wish to contact Sowelu, you can go to her official site where you can get most info about her. Okay? :D HAVE FUNNNUH!

Also, please mail me at bloody.kimono@gmail.com for affiliation. :)